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We are South Africa’s leading Branding Agency and Creative Design Company.

We provide graphic design services, company logo design, print, marketing and web design, to businesses, institutions, etc. globally!

How can our Graphic Design Service help your Business/Organization?

As a top visual design company, everything we do has a single, unifying goal, to set your business/organization apart from the competition.

Businesses/Organizations of all sizes count on us for our graphic design services. Comprehensive, yet affordable – they deliver real value and ROI. This is the BOi Global Group Design difference.

From startups and individuals to established corporations. From a simple logo to get up and running, to a complete rebrand of a corporate identity. Every client receives one-on-one attention and the level of excellence they deserve.

Large or small, whatever you need, our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Featured below is our popular graphic design services list. Every engagement begins with learning about who you are, what you need and what you envision.

Let us know what you are looking for, what kind of business you are in and a little bit of your 'elevator pitch'. If you have a budget in mind for the project, let us know, as it helps to be open upfront as we can tailor a quote specifically.

Logo Design

Making the best first impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work with you and create a logo that’s fresh, innovative, and means business.

The Graphic Design Process – We take the time to get to know you and together will discover your company’s optimal message. Our goal is to understand both your products and services, as well as what you need, to achieve your goals. Then, we’ll produce concept logo designs for you to choose from… and you are on your way.

Brand Identity Design

What is branding design? Your Brand Identity is the composite of diverse marketing activity.

For small businesses, this can be a real challenge – even successful companies understand the difficulties.

Our goal is for your brand to be impactful, remembered and recognised. To do that, we look at how logos, straplines and Brand design work together.

Full 360 Degree Integration. We’ve created brand identities for businesses/organizations of all sizes. Experience teaches us that no two clients are alike. Whatever the size of your company/organization, we begin by taking the time to understand both your challenges and opportunities. Then you can execute with confidence – providing consistent graphic design branding at every point of customer contact.

Contemporary Print Design

Your business print design needs to reflect both traditional media, as well as online and digital platforms.

Our proven experience in both of these areas is a decided advantage for clients and provides many benefits.

From ready-to-print business cards to Branded letterhead design, we do it all.

Traditional to Digital. Successful businesses / organizations have learned the importance of maintaining the highest quality image when it’s translated to the digital world. Our expertise ensures your presence will have the same quality and impact. This means you can reinforce the Brand Identity wherever your customers find you.

Strategic Marketing

Successful strategic marketing is essential for every business, but the hard reality is that it’s easier said than done.

Years of experience working with clients has proven that at the heart of every successful campaign is graphic design and visual design.

Design that understands your company, your customers, and your objectives.

Promotion-Specific Design. The possibilities are endless – that’s the challenge that brings out our best. From branded packaging to online marketing design. Special event media to promotional gifts. Integrated marketing design that supports your brand identity and talks to your audience. What it takes to get you ahead – and keep you there.

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