“We rise by helping others,” a quote by Robert Ingersoll describes the feeling of giving back to the community.

As a local ICT Company, we are passionate about giving back to our local communities and supporting good causes. In 2016, BOi Global Group initiated an R8 million worth CSI program called Startups Go Digital that successfully digitized 2000 small businesses from rural areas, townships and urban areas, including charity organizations and public schools. This program has helped small businesses in rural areas gain popularity, not just locally (within their townships, cities, etc.) but nationwide, and that helped them drastically increase their sales and profits.

We also helped public schools by donating bulk SMS Software to them. Ever since they received these Software, they no longer spend on stationery when communicating with parents; they are now able to communicate with parents directly on parents’ cell phones at very low costs.

All thanks to our hard working and compassionate Team!

Below are some of the beneficiaries of Startups Go Digital:

As a company that is dedicated to giving back, we are soon going to introduce other programs that are not only focused in services relating to our sector, but will include providing needy learners with school uniforms, providing child headed households with food parcels, etc. We believe that, working together as South African businesses; we can change South Africa and make it a better place to live in, improving the lives of poor South Africans.

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some of our beneficiaries